Unique factors that make for a perfect logo

Every individual or company want that perfect logo, that logo that draws the attention of people. Your logo is the face of your brand and often the first impression of who you are. You can take Entitude.com logo for example, when you see the logo you instantly get to know the website of the company.

There are a number of fundamental design principles that will surely point you in the right direction;

1) Keeping the logo simple

When it comes to logo design simplicity is the way to go. When your logo is kept simple it makes it easy to be remember and quick to recognize. A complicated logo may fail to engage your audience unlike a great logo, it connects your brand to your business, for example Entitude.com logo.
To keep your logo design simple you should consider less text and colour.

2) Flexibility

The flexibility of your logo helps to sell your brand. A good logo will need to work in print, on your website, embroidered on hats or been used as an icon on your social media accounts. And all this can be achieved when you work with the right designer like our in house designer, who will consider how the logo will work in horizontal and vertical lockups.

3) Colour usage

Different colours bring about different emotions and feelings towards your brand. The message you intend your brand to pass to the audience should be considered when choosing a color for your logo, for example the color Red comes off as powerful and even slightly aggressive.

Try not to use colors that are hard on the eyes and make use of individual colors because it can make your brand stand out.

4) Font

The font you choose can either make your logo unique or do otherwise. At Entitude.com we experiment with different fonts when designing a logo until we find the perfect font that matches your brand.

Avoid commonly used fonts, try to be different from the regular. Also consider if the font is legible when scaled down and if it can be read in all sizes.

5) Timeless

Trends come and go but a good logo will stand the test of time. There are a list of top brands that their logo has been timeless, for example coca cola, that marks design fundamentals and steer clear of generational styles.

Entitude.com is a brand and digital agency that will surely consider the above listed factors when designing a logo for your business.
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