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The Entitude Network Program (ENP) is a progressive income program that gives partners the opportunity to earn a monthly base income, direct and indirect commissions + other monthly bonuses.


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  1. MONTHLY BASE INCOME: Partner is by default entitled to a monthly pay of 30,000, with the condition that Partner delivers a minimum of ₦100,000 worth of activated project or combination of activated projects.
  2. DIRECT COMMISSION: Partner shall receive a 10% commission on each activated project sourced by self. This is a guaranteed earning.
  1. INDIRECT COMMISSION: The Entitude Network Program (ENP) has an active multi-level marketing strategy. Hence, Partner can build a network group or downline of as many numbers as possible for increased earning. Partner shall receive a 2% base commission on each activated project sourced by Partner’s downline or network group. This commission grows as the number of Partner’s downline grows from one milestone to another e.g. 5, 10, 20 etc. This is a guaranteed earning.
  1. MONTHLY BONUS: The highest performing Network Partner (in terms of total worth of activated projects sourced) for any given month shall be celebrated with the total sum of 30,000. This is a nonguaranteed earning.
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