Low cost Event branding ideas

Low cost branding ideas for events

Successful event branding involves more than just slapping your company logo onto a few decorations. It’s about creating a unique experience for the attendees, one that keeps them engaged while also consistently reminding them of your brand.

Not only are these ideas cost-effective, they generally also can have a fast turnaround for when the event date is looming or lead times are tight. These are not all new ideas but by changing the materials used or how they are created they can save a significant amount of money.

1) Flyers and posters

Depending on the event you have planned and whether it’s a private or public affair, you might want to advertise using signage or handouts. Print marketing collateral is an inexpensive and easy way to get the word out. You can cheaply distribute it through direct mail or even wild posting.

Be creative with your flyers, banners or posters and find some way to tie their design into your event’s overall theme. Keeping your branding consistent gives your event a sense of legitimacy and makes it truly memorable.

2) Sponsor Backdrop

Sponsor backdrops can be expensive if you choose a traditional exhibition style pop up or need something to be specially hung at the venue. A cheaper, sturdier alternative is to go for an extra wide banner stand. These can be found in widths of up to 3.2m wide and provide the perfect photo back drop for a fraction of the cost.

Banners in general can be a cheap and easy way to give some extra branding or interest to your event. A standard 1m pull up banner stand can even be used as signage way-finders around the venue.

3) T-Shirts

Branded t-shirts are a great way to identify event staff and brand the event. The costs may be insurmountable for a small event though, as the price per unit decreases drastically based on the order volume. If customized t-shirts are out of the question you can still suggest a color theme for all of your staff to match the event or main sponsor logo colors. Alternatively ask all staff to wear black business wear and white shirts and provide scarves or ties in your brand color to produce a uniform look for the team without breaking the budget.

4) Social media

Here’s one way to promote and brand an event without spending a dime. As more and more of the business world moves online, sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be an invaluable part of your marketing plan.

Inviting people to your event via Facebook is quite common, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Consider using social media before, during, and after your event. You can build anticipation and buzz, live-tweet with up-to-minute details, and post photos or videos the day after. Just make sure that your online presence is written in the same voice as the rest of your brand marketing.

5) Social Media Prop

Having a prop, such as a custom Instagram frame, is a great way to encourage your attendees to take more photos, whilst ensuring that your logo and event details are shared to their networks when they share to social media.
If you have a photographer on site or if a member of your team is happy to take pictures these can be shared on your Facebook page to encourage people to like your page and tag themselves in the photo.

6) Speakers

Sometimes the major attraction of a branded event is a lecture or speech from a qualified speaker. If your planned occasion is a fundraiser or educational experience, a speaker can provide your guests with valuable information.

Hiring a professional lecturer can be expensive, but some individuals are willing to speak at an event at little or no cost (especially if it’s for a good cause). With a little hunting, you may find a low- or non-paid speaker who fits seamlessly with your brand.

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