How long should a website development take?

A common question asked by a lot of people. We thought we would share a typical website design project timeline with you.

The entire website design process with usually takes 10-15 working days from start to finish.  Now it’s true that some website design process can take longer than this depending upon the scope and complexity of the project but your average website design falls into this 10-15 day window.

The timeline of 10-15 working days is dependent upon a few factors as explained below:

1) What type of website?
There are different types of website ranging from a personal website to an eCommerce website. As indicated above the type of website involved could dictate how much time goes into design and development.

Larger websites like that of eCommerce can take longer than a personal website. Why? Because the pages and development process in an eCommerce website will be more and that requires more work than the regular.

2) Content of the website
The availability of content for the development of the site plays a huge role and also determines the time frame for the web design. This is usually the biggest obstacle because the content is provided by the client.

So the earlier the content of the website is provided by the client, the design process will be faster. But in the case where the client can’t be able to provide the necessary content, we ( put up the content for the client and kick start the project.

3) Website Review
During the development process of the website the client will be carried along by our in house WordPress developer. On the tenth day the client will be given access to the website for review and feedback. This is necessary to keep the design process going.

And during the website review, concerns raised by the client will be addressed.

4) Conclusion of website
A web design process requires the joint effort of the client and the developer. When the factors listed above are in check and there is effective flow of communication between the developer and client the website development won’t take so much of time. will be glad to be of any assistance. Kindly visit our SME starter package to get started.

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