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2019 Marketing strategies for sales boosting

Finding new people to buy your product or service is an important part of the entire sales process. It may be tough for some people, but if your goal is to increase sales then you need to figure out which sales strategy will be effective for your target customer.

Do you have a great product but aren’t gaining the right customers to buy it? That’s okay, these strategies will help. In this article, we’ll go over several successful marketing strategies.

1) Identify the Problem Clearly.

What kind of problem does your customer have that you can solve? If you have identified your customer correctly, these people will pay you to solve their problem.

* Sometimes the problems are obvious and clear.
* Sometimes the problems are not obvious, or unclear.
* Sometimes the problems do not exist for the customer. If the problem does not exist, the customer will not buy your product.

2) Develop Your Competitive Advantage.

You define your competitive advantage, the reason for buying your products or services, in terms of the benefits, results or outcomes that your customer will enjoy from purchasing your product or service that they would not fully enjoy from purchasing the product or service of your competitor.

Focus on the benefits of what makes your product better than others.

3) Put a human face on your brand.

One of the more important marketing strategies… Remember to keep the “social” in social media. If all you do is use Facebook and Twitter to sell your products or services, you’re going to turn people off. Instead, tell people something interesting about your day. Share pictures from a recent vacation. Look real.

4) Run ads during optimal times.

Go over your analytics and learn when people are most likely to click on your ads to make a purchase. Then, direct the lion’s share of your resources into running ads during those times. But keep running some ads during “off hours” just to see if there’s any change in response patterns.

5) Use Content and Social Media Marketing to Your Advantage.

There are so many more ways to get your product to your customers than ever before. What’s the best part? They’re all free. You can use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and your blog to your advantage. By building relationships with your customers through these channels you can access more people than ever.

Some of the benefits of content marketing include:

* More access to qualified leads.
* More channels to sell your product.
* Lower costs to acquire customers.

6) Learn Proper Negotiation Techniques.

Skilled negotiators are usually quite concerned about finding a solution or an arrangement that is satisfactory to both parties.

They look for what are called “win-win” situations, where both parties are happy with the results of the negotiation.

The Best Negotiators Have These 3 Qualities

* They ask good questions to find out exactly what you need.
* They are patient.
* They are very well prepared.

7) Optimize your display URL.

If you’re running ads on Google or Bing search, make sure that you optimize your display URL in addition to your ad copy. A more user-friendly URL might make all the difference. Also, be sure to use a URL that’s easy to remember and reinforces your brand. That way, even if people don’t click immediately, they might visit your site later on.

8) Your Sales Message Should Be Clear.

Pick out one or two benefits of your products and state those clearly in the sales headline. Make it clear to your customers EXACTLY what your product is going to do for them. Be specific. If your product has multiple benefits, create sales messages for different customers that they can relate to.

9) Track your keywords.

You’ll never know how well your site is performing in the search engine results pages (SERPs) if you don’t track results. Grab a tool like SERPBook to learn where your site ranks for various keywords. Also, track ranks over time to see if you’re losing ground to competitors.

10) Use videos.

There’s a reason why so many landing pages have a video at the top that plays automatically. Marketers know that a video is a great way to keep visitors on a page. Think about it: the average attention span is about 8 seconds. A video with great a great marketing narrative can reach people who aren’t interested in reading a whole lot of text.


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